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    The Refugee Crisis: a Historic Opportunity

    08.29.17 | Global | by Herb Janes

    “The world is converging right here in our city.” You may have heard Pastor Pablo Cachon say this in a recent message. This truth is on display in Minneapolis as well as in Beirut, Lebanon. Get involved in one of NHC’s responses to the challenge

      Alaska Family Ministry Trip

      12.19.16 | Global | by Herb Janes

      The Alaska ministry trip is geared particularly for families to serve together. Flexibility is key. You may be serving at a food bank, senior center or park ministry for children. Or you could be doing food preparation or prayer walking the...

        Child Sponsorship Through Global Fingerprints

        08.10.16 | Global

        In 2015, New Hope Church embarked on the 40.20.10 journey. This focus on God’s love for refugees gave us tangible ways to reach out in the name of Jesus. It was exciting to see so many from the church family respond!

          Learning to Love the Persecuted Church

          08.05.16 | Global | by Ellen Doran

          The prophet Jonah and I have something in common. We both heard God’s directive, but ran away. God was calling me to represent a part of the Body of Christ that often goes unseen and unheard. And He was calling me to voice a challenge to...

            Faith, Art & Relationship

            05.01.16 | Global | by Jennifer Stahl

            Jennifer and her husband were called to the Czech Republic to invest in New Hope Church's partner church, Kostel Jinak. She viewed it as an incredible honor, yet a daunting task. As she recalls the story, she says, "What a beautiful thing to...