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    Make a New Start in Life Groups

    12.07.16 | Life Groups | by Pablo Cachon

    “We served in Sunday school for more than 25 years and never got plugged into a mini congregation and never got to know folks our own age. We quickly learned that there were many other couples in the same boat as us.” This is how one couple...

      Doing Life Together

      05.01.16 | Life Groups | by Jon Speich

      It’s often easier to love God privately than to love flawed people. But at the heart of God’s purposes for us is a longing that we learn to give and receive love as richly as He does. Being part of a Life Group is a wonderful opportunity for us...

        From Brokenness to Forgiveness

        05.01.16 | Life Groups

        Patrick Sonaram had never been in a church. When a co-worker invited him to New Hope Church, he was reluctant, but her persistence won him over. He describes how his brokenness and even rebellion had left wounds which kept him from a life of faith.

          The Life Group Experience

          05.01.16 | Life Groups | by Pablo Cachon

          "Being part of a Life Group has been a tremendous blessing. We've had the opportunity to spend wonderful times of growing deeper in relationship, worship, study of God’s Word, prayer, and service together as a group. We love it!" –Don...