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    05.01.16 | Students, Story | by Whitney Onyancha

    Have you ever felt brave enough to put your story down on paper? Can you trust God with the challenges, fears and questions? Whitney Onyancha has not only put some of her story down on paper, but she's entrusted it to you. Let her bravery inspire...

      Through the Eyes of Children

      05.01.16 | Family, Children, Prayer, Story

      We recently asked children to tell stories of how they were seeing God at work at New Hope Church. Connecting with kids like Kyler, Nathanael and Peyton gives hope for the future. They reflect an eager desire to see and know God in everyday...

        Car 2 Corner

        05.01.16 | Family, Children, Story, Community Outreach

        Every story is unique. Some quietly see glimpses of God in the ordinary, everyday activities of life and family. Some stories reveal how God works in the midst of challenge and turmoil. Then there are stories of God directing us in clear and...

          Jesus & Art

          05.01.16 | Creative Arts, Story | by Marietta Turner

          Marietta Turner sees art as way to worship God, reflecting his creativity as she meditates on his Word. She shares her story with art as she hopes it inspires others to explore the creative nature God places in each of us.

            Elder Leadership Team

            04.28.16 | Elders

            New Hope Church is led by an elected elder leadership team. This team currently consists of 12 elders and the senior pastor: Matthew St. John, Senior Pastor Saado Abboud Cort Cieminski Jim Fultz Steve Grosser Jerry Hoffman Dan...