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    The Secret to Life-Changing Prayer

    05.14.18 | Heartbeat | by Kyle Davison Bair

    Why pray? Often, we pray because we need something. Life drives us to our knees and we have nowhere else to turn. It’s times like this when we want to know how to pray well. How can we pray in such a way that God will answer?

      Summer With Intentionality

      05.14.18 | Heartbeat | by Andrea Tyson

      Summer often has a different pace. You may find incredible opportunities to love and reach out to others differently. Many of our typical groups and rhythms give way to informal conversations with neighbors, walks with co-workers at lunch or...

        Family On-the-Go

        05.14.18 | Heartbeat | by Holly Miller

        You’re encouraged to consider these two questions throughout your summer: 1. How is the gospel a foundational encouragement for my family? 2. How is the gospel positioning my family to have an impact for Christ?