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    Prayer Resolution Training

    08.29.17 | Heartbeat | by Kyle Davison Bair

    My wife and I bought a home. For the first time, we’ll have no landlord to take care of mowing, plumbing, painting and fixing. As residents, we’re the ones available to take care of this new home. To do that, we’re going to need tools.

      God is an Artist

      07.31.17 | Story | by Lisa Severson

      Teamwork. This is a key to just about any project at New Hope Church. I’m so thankful for the talented people who make up our staff. Among those is our Creative Team that brings a wide array of experience from drawing, painting, graphic design...

        Remembering 3 Former Pastors

        05.12.17 | Heartbeat | by Lisa Severson

        The New Hope Church family sadly experienced three former pastors passing away in 2016. Each one, Ken Meyer, Tom McDill and Steve Goold, was influential in leadership. All three left a sizable impact, not only on this church, but on the EFCA and...