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    Alaska Family Ministry Trip

    12.19.16 | Global | by Herb Janes

    The Alaska ministry trip is geared particularly for families to serve together. Flexibility is key. You may be serving at a food bank, senior center or park ministry for children. Or you could be doing food preparation or prayer walking the...

      Watch for God in the Unexpected

      12.07.16 | Community Outreach

      The Bible is full of the unexpected: The creation of the universe, mankind, the flood, the Nile River turned into blood, parting the Red Sea and the 10 Commandments. And how about the Christmas story? A baby from a virgin. The Savior of the...

        Make a New Start in Life Groups

        12.07.16 | Life Groups | by Pablo Cachon

        “We served in Sunday school for more than 25 years and never got plugged into a mini congregation and never got to know folks our own age. We quickly learned that there were many other couples in the same boat as us.” This is how one couple...

          Louisiana Flood Relief Team Update

          12.01.16 | Short Term Trips | by Jess Giah

          The moment we arrived at the house, I knew there was something special about it. Not because of the beautifully manicured lawn in the midst of debris piles or because of the large front windows that let light pour in on the drywall dust and bare...