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    Would You Fast With Me?

    11.22.17 | Heartbeat | by Matthew St. John

    New Hope Church is experiencing immeasurable grace and we believe God is inviting us to remain steadfast in moving toward Jesus and taking others with us. Our Lord is leading us. We are a gospel-mission church, eager to declare God’s glory and...

      The Why, the What & the How

      08.29.17 | by Matthew St. John

      On a recent trip someone asked me what our church is all about. I love questions like this! Telling the story of what God is doing in and through New Hope Church is one of my greatest joys. I shared three things.

        There is Great Power in Story

        05.03.16 | Story | by Matthew St. John

        Stories are incredible tools giving shape to our lives. We need to craft them, enter into them and tell them well. We need to let God (re)shape our lives with narratives that stretch out to us from heaven.