Message Series


Order: A Biblical Vision for Mental Illness

Sundays, April 22–May 20
It’s a reality. You or someone you know lives with mental illness. This series is designed to normalize that truth with a vision based on the Word of God to honor, love and learn from those who experience this in daily life. The intention is to expose the myths and stigmas of mental illness and create a safe space for all to feel empowered with a holy purpose by God. As a God of order, He created you in His image and you are deeply loved.


7 Churches 

Sundays, June 3–July 15
Through John’s letters in Revelation 2–3, Jesus provides a vivid analysis of seven churches. His words remain life-giving for any who long to humbly love Him and others well. It’s a compelling invitation to take inventory of our lives and aim for what is best over what is less.