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    Homebound? You are Deeply Loved.

    05.28.19 | Care | by Lisa Severson

    Remember the arctic freeze that hit the Midwest not so long ago? Like many Minnesotans, you may have been stuck at home for a few days. Whether you had a household of children home from school or were just avoiding dangerous commutes, you...

      The Secret to Life-Changing Prayer

      05.14.18 | Care | by Kyle Davison Bair

      Why pray? Often, we pray because we need something. Life drives us to our knees and we have nowhere else to turn. It’s times like this when we want to know how to pray well. How can we pray in such a way that God will answer?

        Chasing Down the Lies

        02.27.18 | Care | by Kyle Davison Bair

        Picture a matchstick burning. The flame dances slowly up the stick, turning wood into ash. The wood doesn’t try to change itself; the flame does all the work. For the wood, the transformation is effortless. This is the kind of transformation...

          Care Groups: Here for You

          08.17.16 | Care | by Andrea Kessler

          What’s your favorite season? Do you wish you could just stay in that season? The reality is seasons change. And just as God planned the earth to rotate, He lovingly provides seasons in our lives.