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    Get School Off to a Good Start

    08.27.18 | Children | by Holly Miller

    Understanding how God creates us uniquely and on purpose makes an awesome difference in how we live life. We find that interacting in friendships, at school and in family relationships takes on a whole new meaning. As fall begins, there’s...

      Family On-the-Go

      05.14.18 | Children | by Holly Miller

      You’re encouraged to consider these two questions throughout your summer: 1. How is the gospel a foundational encouragement for my family? 2. How is the gospel positioning my family to have an impact for Christ?

        Created On Purpose, Moving Toward Jesus

        11.14.17 | Children | by Holly Miller

        When we understand how God created us uniquely and on purpose, it makes an awesome difference! How we interact with friends at school and in family relationships can be transformed as we move toward Jesus and take others with us. Children &...

          Through the Eyes of Children

          05.01.16 | Children

          We recently asked children to tell stories of how they were seeing God at work at New Hope Church. Connecting with kids like Kyler, Nathanael and Peyton gives hope for the future. They reflect an eager desire to see and know God in everyday...

            Car 2 Corner

            05.01.16 | Children

            Every story is unique. Some quietly see glimpses of God in the ordinary, everyday activities of life and family. Some stories reveal how God works in the midst of challenge and turmoil. Then there are stories of God directing us in clear and...