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    Befriending Neighbors

    11.19.18 | Community Outreach | by Cassie Davison Bair

    When a house went up for sale in their neighborhood, Theresa and Noah Palm asked God to help them connect with the new neighbors. The house sold and new neighbors moved in, but the Palms quickly discovered that the husband and wife didn’t speak...

      Imagine Facing Prison

      08.27.18 | Community Outreach | by Cassie Davison Bair

      What does Hebrews 13:3 look like in real life? I thought about it from the perspective of someone facing prison. My concerns would be whether or not I’m justly convicted and if my sentence matches my crime. I’d be concerned about the possibility...

        Giving is Greater

        11.14.17 | Community Outreach | by Karen Behm

        Contradicting the world, Jesus declared, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” What happens when His followers take these words to heart? As the Knitters & Stitchers team gives away their hand-made items, they get to experience this...

          Watch for God in the Unexpected

          12.07.16 | Community Outreach

          The Bible is full of the unexpected: The creation of the universe, mankind, the flood, the Nile River turned into blood, parting the Red Sea and the 10 Commandments. And how about the Christmas story? A baby from a virgin. The Savior of the...

            Tea Party at Park Plaza

            05.01.16 | Community Outreach | by Cassie Davison Bair

            After last year’s New Hope Serves, we wondered how to use the experience to invest in people who are often isolated from the community because of their age and economic status. God answered our question through the Knitters & Stitchers team...