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    Everyone's Watching

    08.27.18 | Heartbeat | by Matthew St. John

    Through the work of Jesus Christ, we sinners are reconciled to God. But a dramatic proof of this reconciling power is that people divided by ethnic, cultural, tribal and language differences with all of the complexities these imply can, in the...

      Elder Leadership Team

      07.01.18 | Elders

      New Hope Church is led by an elected elder leadership team. This team currently consists of 12 elders and the senior pastor. Pray for these men and their families as they prepare to lead our church family with wisdom and dependence on God...

        2019–20 Congregational Leadership

        05.20.18 | Elders

        The Praise & Business Gathering took place on Sunday, May 19, 2019. It was a great exchange of stories from God's work in and through our church family over the past year and looking ahead with vision for the future. The Holy Spirit is alive...

          Summer With Intentionality

          05.14.18 | Heartbeat, Women | by Andrea Tyson

          Summer often has a different pace. You may find incredible opportunities to love and reach out to others differently. Many of our typical groups and rhythms give way to informal conversations with neighbors, walks with co-workers at lunch or...

            Keeping Your Focus This Summer

            05.14.18 | Heartbeat, Life Groups | by David Myles

            Warm weather is finally here and summer is just around the corner. We're looking forward to cookouts and a break from the grind of the school year. Summer often means slowing down and reenergizing from the craziness of a more structured schedule.

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