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    What Do You Applaud or Complain About?

    11.20.18 | Heartbeat, Women | by Andrea Tyson

    The daily news, Facebook feeds and our own sinful hearts can make life feel chaotic and discouraging. So, where do you turn for hope? Try this: Stop and notice what you applaud and what you complain about. That’s a good barometer for whether your...

      We Need One Another

      08.27.18 | Heartbeat, Women | by Andrea Tyson

      I began serving as Women’s Ministries Director in my early 20s. Single. No children. Introverted thinker. I wasn’t sure I belonged. I’m now more than a decade older. While my relational status and wiring are the same, I’m confident I fit. The key...

        Summer With Intentionality

        05.14.18 | Heartbeat, Women | by Andrea Tyson

        Summer often has a different pace. You may find incredible opportunities to love and reach out to others differently. Many of our typical groups and rhythms give way to informal conversations with neighbors, walks with co-workers at lunch or...

          The Gospel – Moving Toward Jesus

          03.30.18 | Story | by Andrea Tyson

          The good news of the gospel is the true message about what God has done for people that we cannot do for ourselves. We can only move toward Jesus because He first comes toward us. Believing this gospel and entrusting yourself to Jesus is the...