Child Sponsorship Through Global Fingerprints

08.10.16 | Global

    In 2015, New Hope Church embarked on the 40.20.10 journey. This focus on God’s love for refugees gave us tangible ways to reach out in the name of Jesus. It was exciting to see so many from the church family respond!

    The New Hope Church family spent 40 days in prayer, collected more than 800 winter coats, donated $20 bills to the Oasis Project in Beirut and set a goal of developing 10 teams to serve resettled refugees in Minnesota. That’s exciting, but we know that this is not just a seasonal project. At the end of 2015, there were still 65. million refugees in the world. And 51% of those are children.

    This is where things get really exciting. Early in 2016, Global Fingerprints (an EFCA child sponsorship program) launched a program in Beirut, Lebanon that specifically serves Syrian refugees in partnership with Oasis Project. Many of these children don’t have basic necessities such as clothing and medical supplies. But God is at work even in such a heart-breaking crisis. Here’s one example from a refugee mother who Global Fingerprints serves in Lebanon:

    “When the bombs started falling on our village in Syria, our 13-year-old son was at his grandparents’ house. Everyone in the village started running away from the village and it was chaotic. We lost track of our son. In fact, when we came to Lebanon with our other children, we didn’t know where our son was for two and a half years. After I came to Oasis, I started to hear about the miracles of Jesus. I asked the staff to pray for a miracle for us, that we would find our son. And I started praying to Jesus to ask for this miracle. Two months ago we found our son and he is now with us here in Beirut! We thank God that He answered our prayers and we now believe in Jesus and pray to Him.”

    New Hope Church is partnering with Global Fingerprints in Lebanon through their child sponsorship program. Consider praying for and sponsoring a refugee child. Sponsorship is $35/month to assist with a child’s physical, spiritual and emotional needs.

    Learn more about sponsoring a child and Global Ministries.