Summer Family Community

Summer Family Community

Sundays in June, 9:30am, Sandberg Chapel
Young families gather for prayer, encouragement and Bible teaching that equips you to be a gospel-focused family. When families are centered on the gospel, Jesus fuels us with encouragement and grace-filled promises as we move toward Him and take others with us.


Children & Family Ministries has designed additional resources to support your family this summer.


This June, pick up a bag outside the Family Center (lower level). Whether you have younger kids or adult children, the materials in these bags offer resources and ideas to take you through the summer.

Message Questions

Available outside the Family Center (lower level), these questions are designed for families to process the Sunday messages together this June and apply what they learn to real life.


Watch for more valuable resources in Holly Miller’s Family Resource Blog. 


Children & Family Ministries or 763-536-3240

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