Disability Awareness Sunday

Disability Awareness Sunday

Our Availability for His-ability

Sunday, April 23, 9:30 & 11am

All of us have likes, dislikes, gifts, challenges and feelings. We all thrive in an environment of encouragement, opportunity and a growing sense of our identity in Christ. This is a glimpse into Disability Ministry and why we’re celebrating what God is doing here at New Hope Church.

Join the celebration and pray about ways you might connect with and be available to people with disabilities. Learn more.

Jesus Sees

At New Hope Church, we have a joyful legacy not only of truly seeing our sisters and brothers with disabilities, but of being richly blessed by them. God gives to each one of His children at least one gift with which to minister to the Body. And He is richly supplying those in our Disability Ministry. 



Disability Ministries or 763-971-5117

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