Real Roots+Growth+Action

This three-step plan to disciple-making is intentional, growth-oriented and real. Discover what discipleship is all about. You're invited if you're willing to commit to a group and open to experiencing life-change. Groups meet three times monthly, plus bonus relationship-building time. Admission is by application only.


Tuesdays, September 13–May 9, 6:30–8:15pm, Extended Campus
Real Roots is the first step in the disciple-making pathway to root women in their faith. Learn to study the Bible, depend on God and know what you believe while growing in living it out. 
This happens through study, prayer, relationship building, accountability and having someone committed to walking alongside of you more personally. This opportunity is for women willing to commit to a group and experience life-change.

Expectations: No more than three missed meetings permitted. (You matter, so come.) We honor each other by completing all weekly reading, being prepared and choosing to participate. Commit to prayerfully consider the next step for deeper growth for the next year. Approximate cost: $45.


Tuesdays, September 13–May 9, 6:30–8:15pm, Extended Campus
Real Growth is the second step in the disciple-making pathway, following Real Roots. You'll find increased emphasis on prayer, life in God’s family and valuing mission as you continue to study and experience life change. Approximate cost
: $50.


Tuesdays, June–May, 6:30–8:15pm, Extended Campus
Real Action is the third step in the disciple-making pathway. While discipleship can happen in a variety of way, organically or intentionally, this is one way to train as a disciple and be equipped as a leader who can make disciples. There is one year of biblical and theological study, practical ministry experiences and more. 
Led by Andrea Tyson, this small group setting is the most rigorous biblical, theological and ministry training opportunity offered for women at NHC. We learn through God's Word, good books and intentional relationships with women. We learn to put truth into real action. 

Expectations: This one-year commitment begins in late June and ends the following June. Upon completion, each woman commits to disciple one or more women within New Hope Church.


Women's Ministries or 763-536-3203
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