Chasing Down the Lies

02.27.18 | Care, Prayer | by Kyle Davison Bair

Chasing Down the Lies

    Picture a matchstick burning. The flame dances slowly up the stick, turning wood into ash. The wood doesn’t try to change itself; the flame does all the work. For the wood, the transformation is effortless. This is the kind of transformation that God promises us.

    We cannot transform ourselves. We don’t have to. If we try to transform ourselves, we’ll only grow frustrated. We can try to break old habits, think new thoughts and white-knuckle ourselves into a better life. But how often do we end up back in our old ways anyway? 

    God promises us a better way. He will transform us. For us, it will be effortless.

    This is what Transformation Prayer Ministry (TPM) is all about. Romans 12:2 commands us to “be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” It does not tell us to transform ourselves. As our minds are renewed, we will be transformed automatically. For us, it will be effortless. 

    This spring we launch a new Transformation Prayer training class. The class is open to everyone because TPM can be learned by everyone. You can lead someone else through TPM or lead yourself. Every Christian can do it because every Christian can access God’s promises.

    In TPM, we learn how God renews our minds. Through a simple process of questions and answers, we chase down the lies we believe about ourselves, our lives or God. These lies produce pain. They distort our world and cause no end of conflict. 

    Once we expose the lie, we ask God to speak His truth into it. When He does, it renews the mind. The lie is gone, replaced by truth. Peace replaces pain. Clarity replaces distortion. Comfort replaces conflict.

    Lies are tricky. You might believe a lie even when you know the truth. You may know in your mind that Jesus gave up His life for you on the Cross. Yet in your heart, you may believe you are worthless. That lie produces a great deal of pain. But no human can argue you out of that lie because it’s something you believe too deeply.

    This is why we need God.

    TPM doesn’t offer advice. It doesn’t tell you what to do. It doesn’t even tell you what to believe. All it does is bring you to a place where you can hear God. When God speaks, He doesn’t just teach. He transforms.

    Instead of believing that you’re worthless, you’re free to live in the truth that God loves you enough to give His life for you. Instead of trying to gain approval from others, you are free to rest in the approval of God. Instead of living in the pain of people’s rejection, you’re free to live in the peace of God’s acceptance.

    If you try to live free without being transformed, it will hurt. We can’t force ourselves to feel accepted, approved or loved.

    But when God renews our minds, we automatically live in the freedom of feeling accepted, approved and loved. We don’t force ourselves into it. We open our eyes and find that God has already given it to us. For us, it is effortless. 

    This is the transformation that God invites all of His children into.


    Kyle Davison Bair is Prayer Ministries Pastor at New Hope Church. He has a passion for people to call on the name of Jesus for direction and seek an authentic culture of prayer in this church.