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    Live on Purpose

    03.10.21 | Leadership, Spiritual Growth | by David Myles

    Time flies by. That's why the Psalmist says, “Teach us how short our life is, so that we may become wise” (Psalm 90:12). As you think about the next year and decade, are you prepared to live with purpose? You're not alone if you could use some help.

      Election Statement from Elders

      08.17.20 | Elders

      New Hope Church is a Christ-centered community for all peoples, moving toward Jesus and taking others with us. As citizens first and foremost of God’s kingdom, we expect the vision and values of Jesus Christ to define every aspect of human...

        Proximate Stories

        08.14.20 | Story

        Tired of the tensions swirling around our society? It seems that there's no shortage of outrage and ridicule. As believers, we're called to stand above the unkind, contentious and often hate-filled interactions displayed on social media and...

          Declaración Electoral

          08.10.20 | Elders

          New Hope Church es una comunidad centrada en Cristo para toda la gente, avanzando hacia Jesús y llevando a otros con nosotros. Como ciudadanos, ante todo del reino de Dios, esperamos que la visión y los valores de Jesucristo definan cada aspecto...


            08.01.20 | Care, Strongholds | by Kyle Davison Bair

            We all want to receive forgiveness for our mistakes. Yet when people hurt us, extending forgiveness can feel impossible. Despite the difficulty, forgiving those who hurt us is one of the swiftest paths to the abundant life Jesus promised.

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