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Family was God's idea from the beginning. Whatever your unique challenges, we want to help equip you as you lead your family. You may be looking for ideas on guiding your children with strong values. Are you wondering how to lead them to love Christ and live godly lives in a culture that doesn't always make it easy? Parents are the most important influence in a child’s life and we want to support you in ways that make sense for everyday life.


Child dedication class is an opportunity to learn more about dedication from a biblical perspective and is required for parents who want to dedicate their children.


Encouraging parents by providing gospel-based resources and direction in navigating today's parenting dynamics. Through group discussion, we address current trends in society that impact the lives of kids. Keep posted on the Parent Community Facebook Group.

Grandparents at Prayer

2nd Tuesdays, 10am & 7pm, Family Center C1

If you believe that there is a spiritual battle waging for the hearts and minds of our grandchildren and if you believe that the Lord hears and answers the prayers of the righteous, then join with other grandparents once a month for one hour to do spiritual battle on their behalf. Contact Joanne Lundberg or 763-536-3275. 

Adoption & Foster Care

Considering foster care, sponsorship or adoption, or wanting to pray for and support those who do? This ministry offers resources and training to help respond to needs in our community. Learn more.

Homeschool Co-op

2nd & 4th Wednesdays, 9am–12pm

This parent-driven resource to homeschooling families provides opportunities for classes and activities to enrich the learning experience. Email the homeschool group to learn more.


Next Gen Ministries or 763-536-3240
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