NHC Congregational Leadership

05.16.22 | Elders | by Randi Soderstrom

NHC Congregational Leadership

    The Annual Praise & Business Gathering took place on Sunday, May 15, 2022. We're thankful for God's work in and through our church family over the past year and look ahead with vision for the future. The Holy Spirit is alive and well at New Hope Church! Members of the church family voted on this year's budget as well as candidates for NHC offices during the gathering. Following is the annual report and the election results.


    God's grace toward our church family is reflected in the annual report. This document provides a glimpse into the stories that reveal His goodness to us.

    2022 Annual Report

    2022–23 Ballot RESULTS

    2021 Annual Meeting Minutes: Approved
    2022–23 Budget: Approved
    Constitution & Bylaws Item 1: Statement of Faith—Article 9 Revision Approved
    Constitution & Bylaws Item 2: Constitution—Technology Revision Approved 
    Constitution & Bylaws Item 3: Bylaws Revisions Approved

    Elder Leadership Team
    Milton Figueroa
    Derrick Grow
    Ken McMillan
    Ken Wright
    Gift Matemba-Mutasa (fulfilling Steve Grosser’s 2020 term)

    Nominations Committee
    Ginny McMillan
    Cyndi Theisen*

    Internal Audit Committee
    Steve Brown*
    JaNan Cavanaugh
    Wendy McCullough*

    Church Clerk
    Randi Soderstrom

    Vice Clerk
    Pam Lung

    Pray for these individuals to be empowered with insight, wisdom and provision from God as they lead. 


    As of July 1, 2022

    Pastor Matthew St. John
    Saado Abboud
    Enrique Fernandez
    Milton Figueroa
    Derrick Grow
    Ron Jones

    Armando Mazon
    Gift Matemba-Mutasa
    Ken McMillan
    Jason McNutt
    Chris Shedd
    Ken Wright


    Randi Soderstrom or 763-533-3235