They Only Spoke Lies

03.27.19 | Story | by Jon Kimmel

They Only Spoke Lies

    They only spoke lies, yet you said nothing
    You just stood there and listened to their faithless lusting

    They mocked you as you bled and died
    Joyfully beating you till you were undignified

    And here I sit, wondering who would take such a beating
    Taking their hits, kicks, and lies with no signs of retreating

    Then like a flash of lighting it was all so clear
    It was me saying the lies, beating you in fear

    Fear of you taking over the world that I know
    In my jealousy I didn’t want you to steal the show

    So I went and did what I had to do
    No cost spared, gave everything just to kill you

    See it was me that cracked the whip and me that drove the nails
    Me that lied, me who made the cat-o-nine tails

    But then you looked down at me with blood in your eyes
    Patiently, lovingly, between your cries 

    You said, you are forgiven, I love you my son
    I dropped to my knees, my God, what have I done?

    But this was not the end

    I left bewildered and distraught
    I could do nothing, he consumed my thoughts
    How could a man I’ve caused such pain
    Look at me with love and not disdain?

    After three days in the dark
    I heard the news which stirred my heart
    Could it be, this man was right?
    He really did just win the fight?

    The tomb was empty, the stone rolled away
    The angel spoke, He is alive this day!
    And despite Satan’s trickery
    Jesus has won my victory 


    Pastor Jon Kimmel is the middle school pastor at New Hope Church. He has a passion for pointing students and families to Jesus and loves being the dad to two amazing daughters, the husband to one amazing wife and being outside whenever possible.