Church Planting

New Hope Church recognizes that saturating growing urban populations with gospel-centered church planting movements has become one of the most effective means of cultural engagement and renewal. More importantly, scripture backs up this model and the statistics are very motivating as we continue to move ahead with an emphasis on church planting. These plans currently involve Gospel Life Church in the Minneapolis neighborhood of Marcy-Holmes as well as globally with a church plant partnership in the Czech Republic through Kostel Jinak.

Gospel Life Church

A launch team of about 25 people started meeting in October 2016. The following January, they began meeting intentionally right in the Marcy-Holmes neighborhood for prayer, training and vision casting.  Learn more.



Pastor Jeremy Deck is passionate about serving alongside people in the Marcy-Holmes neighborhood. “My family and I love this community and I’m excited about what I see God doing here. One of the really attractive things about planting a church in this densely urban area is how walkable it is. Imagine a family living largely within walking, biking or a short drive to their church home.”


Marcy-Holmes is the oldest neighborhood in Minneapolis. It’s situated as a gateway into the University District, downtown, Northeast and other dynamic areas of our city. With a 50 percent population increase over the last five years, Marcy-Holmes is uniquely positioned to continue growing. The vibe here is energetic and vibrant. In addition, there are a lot of spiritually-interested people working, going to school and raising families in this area. Unfortunately, there are very few churches. 

Get Involved

Pray. Ask God to bring renewed life to Gospel Life Church team members, non-believers and the Marcy-Holmes neighborhood. Pray that the Spirit of God draws people to Jesus Christ. 

Advocate. If you know anyone who lives in or around Marcy-Holmes and may be interested learning more about the Gospel Life church plant, connect them with Pastor Jeremy Deck or a member of the launch team.

Join. Check out one of the upcoming community events. Consider if God is leading you to connect with the vision, mission and the people in this community.


Pastor Jeremy Deck or 763-971-5125
Gospel Life Church, Facebook