Short Term Trip FAQ

Do you sense the prompting of the Holy Spirit to participate in an upcoming short-term ministry trip but have questions?

Q: Am I qualified?
A: You must be an"ambassador of Christ" in your motivation and conduct and a team player with a humble heart. We often provide additional training.

Q: How long are the trips? How many people are going?
A: Trips typically last 7–14 days. Teams often vary from 2–12 people.

Q: What about training?
A: Team selection and training takes place over several weeks. We cover topics such as support raising, testimonies and cross-cultural training, as well as specific preparation based on the nature of the trip (for example: conversational English preparation). Team members are required to attend all meetings.

Q: What skills are you looking for?
A: Helpful skills may include language skills, leadership and cross-cultural experience. Depending on the project, specific skills such as medical, artistic, carpentry, working with children, music, sports and crafts may be helpful. Team members may also divide duties ranging from leading devotionals to managing finances. There are many trips for which no particular experience or knowledge is required.

Q: How are team leaders selected?
A: We review applications and references and conduct interviews as we pray about selecting a candidate with leadership or ministry experience. A team leader is selected before training begins.

Q: What is the cost?
A: The cost of a trip typically includes airfare, in-country transportation, project/ministry expenses, travelers insurance, a visa application, in addition to food and lodging. You must bring additional cash for any souvenirs or personal items. You are also required to obtain a passport for most trips. We understand that for many the cost of a typical trip can feel overwhelming. However, time and again, we have seen that if God is calling someone, he also provides the resources. Don’t let money concerns alone stand in your way.

Q: Who pays for the trip? How do I raise funds?
A: Team members are expected to provide a portion of the estimated trip cost (approximately 10%) up front and then raise funds for the remainder of the cost by the date of departure. Fundraising is accomplished through sending support letters. Team members are required to send out at least 25 letters. Your fundraising checks are received and tallied by New Hope Church. Whatever you don't raise may be made up by your teammates' surpluses (if available) or through your personal funds, prior to trip departure.

Q: What immunizations will I need?
A: See your doctor or the CDC website for details on the country to which you are traveling. The cost of mandatory immunizations may be covered by fundraising.

Q: Who do I send my support letter to?
A: This is a personal decision and depends upon your relationship to those with whom you are comfortable sharing information about the trip. Your support and follow-up letter will be fairly personal, providing a great opportunity to share about your faith. You may wish to consider drafting separate letters for believers and nonbelievers.

Q: What if I can't make all the team meetings and/or commit to the timeframe of the trip?
A: Only a small minority of New Hope Church members and attendees are able to go on a ministry trip each year. The nature of the work makes it a huge privilege. If you are unable to make the commitment a top priority, we ask that you consider applying for a future trip instead.

Q: Do I need to be a member or regular attender of New Hope Church?
A: We typically require team members to be from New Hope Church. However, in exceptional situations, we may waive that requirement. For all participants, we rely upon references. For this reason, it's important that you're part of a small group or community that can provide them.

Q: Is it safe to travel abroad to a developing country?
A: Each trip has its own safety procedures. In most cases, you'll be chaperoned by host global partners at all times. If you are careful to not display money or valuables during your travels and follow guidelines regarding personal conduct and health, you should be fine. However, you should also be prepared for a lower comfort and safety levels than we have in the United States.


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