Marriage Dance Ministry

Marriage Dance Ministry combines dance, prayer and friendship to enrich Christian marriages by modeling the relationship of Christ and the Church (Ephesians 5:31–32). We offer 10 weeks of dance sessions that include a private lesson, group lesson, devotional and open dance time. No cost for lessons, but commitment to attend is required. This ministry benefits marriages by:

  • Exemplifying husbands as spiritual leaders as they lead on the dance floor.
  • Providing a common interest and goal for married couples to pursue together.
  • Helping couples build romance and intimacy in their marriage.
  • Connecting a group of married couples with common focus and shared beliefs.
  • Sharing a superb forum for physical and mental exercise.


Couples participate in both the private and group lessons. 

Private Lessons: Thursdays, 6:45–9pm or Fridays, 6–6:40pm, Gym
40-minute private lessons

Group Lessons: Fridays, 7–9pm, Gym
60-minute group lesson, 30-minute marriage devotional and 30-minute open dance.

Register to receive information on the next session. Space is limited.



Additional dance events are offered to provide opportunities for dancing to live bands. Events may include New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day Dance in Duluth and an end-of-the season dance.


Marriage Dance Ministry or 763-807-1540