Freedom Ministry

We have seen God use Freedom Ministry to renew minds, heal hearts and bring hope to the hopeless through the Steps to Freedom in Christ by Dr. Neil T. Anderson. Seek God’s help through a prayer appointment if you are struggling in any of these areas:

  • Afflicted with the effects of sin or the consequences of sin committed against you revealed through anger, bitterness, habitual sin, pride, rebellion and unforgiveness. 
  • Brokenhearted due to painful life experiences, resulting in depression, fear, anxiety or broken relationships.
  • Imprisoned by habits and addictions.
  • Plagued by tempting, accusing, deceiving or condemning thoughts.

These areas of struggle can hinder the ability to mature and enjoy God’s abundant life. Through Jesus Christ you can gain a greater understanding of your identity as a child of God, acquire tools to be free from spiritual bondage and be equipped to live a fruitful life of joy and praise to God.

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Interested in helping others walk in freedom, grow in Christ and take back the ground the enemy has taken from God’s people? Freedom Ministry training is eight weeks of learning the biblical, theological and psychological framework for the ministry. Learn more.


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