Moms Together

In this of season of increased isolation for many moms with young children, we care about your hearts, needs and spiritual growth. We are currently unable to provide childcare during the day so we are adapting this valued, long-standing community into Moms Together-style evening Life Groups for the 2020–21 ministry year.

These moms-only groups will meet in host homes two Thursday evenings a month with encouragement, help and valuable relationships for moms with kids (birth-kindergarten). You get time away in the evenings while connecting with women who can become friends and encouragers when you are investing in your family during the day.


Special Opportunities

While our primary desire is to encourage moms into regular community, we also want to resource you during this unique stage to grow as disciples of Jesus. Contact us if you would like to be on a list for special event opportunities geared to resource you and give encouragement.


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