Serving at New Hope Church

The blessings that come as you grow in your relationship with Christ are meant to be shared. These gifts are given to empower the Church and its individuals to (through the power of the Holy Spirit) reach out to others. (See Ephesians 4 and 1 Corinthians 12.) As you live out the gifts and skills the Lord has given you, you're better equipped to become more of who he created you to be. You may also discover some new friends in the process!

Here are some great opportunities to use your time, gifts and talents to serve the Lord and the body of Christ.

Bibles for Missions

Be part of the global missions movement by volunteering one Saturday a month.


Global Action Teams

There are numerous ways to be a support to our global partners. Be creative and get to know them and their unique needs. Take part in one of the Global Action Teams. They each focus on praying and caring for global partners and their ministry.


Friendship House Cleaning

New Hope Church’s Friendship House offers housing for our global partners who are home on furlough. Volunteers help clean the home in between family stays.