Grades K–5

When we understand how God created us uniquely and on purpose, it makes an awesome difference! How we interact in friendships, online, at school and in family relationships can be transformed. Children & Family Ministries invites children and their families into these truths as they learn to live out their identity in Jesus.


SUNDAY Mornings

Sundays, 10:30am, Main Campus or at-home resources
All children must register each new school year for programs. Those registered will receive an email each Thursday with a link to reserve their place that week. Our priority is to provide a safe environment for your child. See COVID-19 guidelines.

Grades K–3

An engaging time for younger elementary students to look into the "Big God Story," seeing how the different stories in the Bible combine to show God's love and plan for their lives. A small group setting where teachers lead children through stories and activities to reinforce the lesson and see how to apply it to their daily life. If you prefer to worship at home, print resources are available. Grade 4 & 5 children are encouraged to worship together with parents.


Wednesdays, 6:30–8pm, Kids Center or at-home resources

Grades K–3: Impact

An opportunity to form healthy friendships, learn to apply biblical principles to everyday situations, memorize Bible verses and develop life skills in a safe and fun environment. Highlights include Bible study, large group games and activities and small group time with hands on activities.

Grades 4 & 5: Worth

A time designated specifically for grades 4 & 5 through games, activities, object lessons, large group teaching and small group discussion. Learn about who God is and how relationship with Him is life-changing. WORTH stands for "What's Our Response To Him." Students are challenged to consider how important a role God will play in their lives. Print resources are available.


Your prayers and help are essential. God works through ordinary people to lead and transform the lives of children. Check out some ways you can make a difference in the next generation. Learn more.


To serve with Children & Family Ministries, turn in the application and complete the Safe Church training. Learn more.

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