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    Get School Off to a Good Start

    08.27.18 | Children, Heartbeat | by Holly Miller

    Understanding how God creates us uniquely and on purpose makes an awesome difference in how we live life. We find that interacting in friendships, at school and in family relationships takes on a whole new meaning. As fall begins, there’s...

      Family On-the-Go

      05.14.18 | Family, Children, Heartbeat | by Holly Miller

      You’re encouraged to consider these two questions throughout your summer: 1. How is the gospel a foundational encouragement for my family? 2. How is the gospel positioning my family to have an impact for Christ?

        Walking Toward Jesus as a Family

        05.11.18 | Family Resource Blog | by Holly Miller

        I am continuously in awe of how God shows my family love and grace as we walk closer to Him. This is how He builds our faith foundation as a family. As a mom, wife and ministry leader, I’m thankful for the opportunity to experience this first...