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    Our Hero Satisfies

    08.24.21 | Story | by Mindy Christensen

    "In plenty, in hardship, in transition, in waiting, Jesus satisfies. Because of Jesus’ redemption and resurrection our souls can be completely satisfied." A beautiful story from the life of New Hope Church global partner, Mindy...

      Our Hero Heals

      08.05.21 | Story | by Chris Jones

      "God’s voice and the confirmation of His promise can heal something deep inside of us." A powerful story from the life of New Hope Church Global Outreach Director Chris Jones.

        Proximate Stories

        08.14.20 | Story

        Tired of the tensions swirling around our society? It seems that there's no shortage of outrage and ridicule. As believers, we're called to stand above the unkind, contentious and often hate-filled interactions displayed on social media and...

          Listening for the Whisper

          05.21.20 | Story | by Chris Jones

          Are you a good listener? (I wonder if anyone ever replies “no” to this question.) The Bible talks about “having ears to hear.” While that phrase may sound strange, it holds deep truth. The fact is, our ears do not always hear what they should.   

            What Tale Have You Fallen Into?

            12.16.19 | Story | by Lisa Severson

            “I wonder what sort of tale we’ve fallen into?” Samwise Gamgee asked in J.R.R. Tolkein’s epic The Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers. Your family, culture and season in life all weave together a unique narrative. Those experiences probably...