Summer With Intentionality

05.14.18 | Heartbeat, Women | by Andrea Tyson

Summer With Intentionality

    Summer often has a different pace. You may find incredible opportunities to love and reach out to others differently. Many of our typical groups and rhythms give way to informal conversations with neighbors, walks with co-workers at lunch or coffee and campfire invitations. How can we use this summer well as we intentionally invest in relationships?


    Invest time to truly see and get to know people. Follow Jesus’ example.

    “Jesus shared his life with his disciples. He called them (Mark 3:13), shared what He had learned from the Father (John 15:15), ate with them and spent time with them. Do my relationships mirror those of Jesus? Am I intentionally investing in people like He did? I’ve been asking God for opportunities to direct conversations back to Him and ask people how they are seeing God. It’s exciting to praise God with someone who has yet to recognize their need for Him or who has been following Him for years and just needs a gentle reminder of His goodness.” Kristin McElmurry 

    Building relationships can happen while doing almost anything. Consider how you might:

    • Be the first to say “Hi!”
    • Genuinely care about who someone is and how they are. Ask questions to show it.
    • Host or co-host Neighborhood Night Out in August.

    “Invite people into your fun, your work, your home and your life. Have them over for dinner. Yes, even into your messy house! Invite them to go to the DMV or grocery store with you. Just share the same time and space. As someone who works full time, I have to get creative with my time.”
    Marnie Kasinskas


    Start with prayer. Ask questions, listen and then step into opportunities for spiritual conversations.

    5-Second Prayer
    Invite God’s Spirit to work in others as you ask Him to sharpen your own watchfulness. Try the “5-Second Prayer” from Pray & Watch by Neal and Judy Brower:

    “Father, please send your Holy Spirit to work in the heart of ___________________. Draw ___________________ to Jesus and make _________________ a kingdom laborer.”

    “Sharing the gospel with people from different cultures looks very different. I’ve seen a lot of people share the gospel without really thinking about the other person. But even when it doesn’t go so well, God can still use it.” Zema Agayeva


    Consider joining a women’s study.


    Out of our growing and deepening relationship with God, a desire for intentional relationships develops. As we spend time with Him, it often becomes much more natural to share Him with others. The support and encouragement of a few other believers also helps us grow in this area. Invite a friend or two to read the same book of the Bible this summer so that you can share questions and encourage each other toward application. Respond together with prayer, worship, obedience, repentance and trust. Celebrate that God is always at work and be purposeful to share how you see it.

    Andrea Tyson is Women's Ministries Director at New Hope Church. She loves to invest in women who are investing in others as we continue to develop a culture of walking toward Jesus and taking others with us.

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