Through the Eyes of Children

05.01.16 | Family, Children, Prayer, Story

    We recently asked children to tell stories of how they were seeing God at work at New Hope Church. Connecting with kids like Kyler, Nathanael and Peyton gives hope for the future. They reflect an eager desire to see and know God in everyday life. Pray for the children in your life and the Children's Ministries volunteers and staff.


    What have you been praying about lately?
    "I’ve been praying about not being so angry at people when they bother me and God has helped me."

    What if Jesus showed up at your house?
    "I’d ask Jesus to eat supper with me and play football with me and my friends."


    Do you have any stories of God answering your prayers?
    "Yes, when my cousin who was six-years-old had cancer. We prayed and God healed him."

    What if Jesus showed up at your house?
    "I'd ask for wisdom and talk to Jesus about stuff that is going on in the world."


    Hopewatchers teaches 4th and 5th graders to see God is always available. We asked Peyton (front, far right) about her experience. 
    "Sometimes the prayer team walks around the church praying for people. One week, we got to pray for Pastor Matthew between services! We prayed about the sermon and that the congregation understood and trusted him and what he was saying."  

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