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    Working Through Conflict, Part 2

    02.18.20 | Family | by Andrea Tyson

    Sometimes after we forgive, confess and repent, we can simply move forward in love and unity. In that case, thank God for reconciliation! But, forgiveness isn’t always clear cut. What if you continue to recognize sin in someone’s life? You're not...

      Working Through Conflict, Part 1

      01.10.20 | Family | by Andrea Tyson

      You’re not alone if you’re feeling the sting from recent or even distant conflicts. Family dynamics, challenging personalities, past hurts or loss, stress and full calendars have a way of surfacing relational tension.

        A Far-From-Perfect Christmas Story

        11.21.19 | Family | by Andrea Dodge

        This was not the Christmas story I wanted our family to tell. As a tired parent of littles, I remember looking with dread at our December calendar. Always full—full of concerts, church outreach events, work parties, shopping, baking and...

          Navigating Holiday Stress in Marriage

          11.10.18 | Family | by Holly Miller

          The holiday season is full of cherished memories for my husband, Jason, and I. We enjoyed a beautiful Christmas-themed wedding. I remember so much about that day, but my favorite memory is of our friends and family gathering around us. Years...

            Family On-the-Go

            05.14.18 | Family | by Holly Miller

            You’re encouraged to consider these two questions throughout your summer: 1. How is the gospel a foundational encouragement for my family? 2. How is the gospel positioning my family to have an impact for Christ?