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    Get a Life Group

    08.27.18 | Heartbeat, Life Groups | by David Myles

    According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average American moves 11.7 times in a lifetime. Each move brings new homes, neighbors and coworkers. It changes the dynamics of relationships. Our family relocated back to Minnesota just over a year ago...

      Get School Off to a Good Start

      08.27.18 | Children, Heartbeat | by Holly Miller

      Understanding how God creates us uniquely and on purpose makes an awesome difference in how we live life. We find that interacting in friendships, at school and in family relationships takes on a whole new meaning. As fall begins, there’s...

        Here We Grow Again!

        08.27.18 | Heartbeat, Latinos | by Pablo Cachon

        A friend from California used to say, “Here we grow again.” This dear friend regularly shouted it out with excitement when it was evident that God was moving through life change. Latino Ministries is experiencing that kind of growth and we’re...

          Everyone's Watching

          08.27.18 | Heartbeat | by Matthew St. John

          Through the work of Jesus Christ, we sinners are reconciled to God. But a dramatic proof of this reconciling power is that people divided by ethnic, cultural, tribal and language differences with all of the complexities these imply can, in the...

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