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    Walk to Jesus With Me!

    09.12.19 | Heartbeat | by Pablo Cachon

    Research affirms the influence Latinos are having on evangelicalism across the United States. In contrast to all the tension in current events and at the southern border, Minnesota is experiencing benefits out of the migration from many Latin...


      09.12.19 | Heartbeat | by Pablo Cachon

      Investigación afirma que los latinos están teniendo influencia en el evangelicalismo en los Estados Unidos. En contraste con toda la tensión en los eventos actuales y en la frontera sur, Minnesota está experimentando beneficios de la migración de...

        What Do You Applaud or Complain About?

        11.20.18 | Heartbeat | by Andrea Tyson

        The daily news, Facebook feeds and our own sinful hearts can make life feel chaotic and discouraging. So, where do you turn for hope? Try this: Stop and notice what you applaud and what you complain about. That’s a good barometer for whether your...