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    Created On Purpose, Moving Toward Jesus

    11.14.17 | Heartbeat | by Holly Miller

    When we understand how God created us uniquely and on purpose, it makes an awesome difference! How we interact with friends at school and in family relationships can be transformed as we move toward Jesus and take others with us. Children &...

      Making a Big Church Feel Smaller

      08.29.17 | Heartbeat | by Andrea Tyson

      You’re surrounded by people, yet feel alone. Do you ever experience that in the church lobby or at a worship gathering? What does it take for a big church to feel smaller? For strangers to feel like friends and family?

        True Religion

        08.29.17 | Heartbeat | by Pablo Cachon

        I often encounter people who’ve been turned off by religion. Typically, they’ve been worn down by a pragmatic approach to the gospel that makes it impossible to follow.

          Prayer Resolution Training

          08.29.17 | Heartbeat | by Kyle Davison Bair

          My wife and I bought a home. For the first time, we’ll have no landlord to take care of mowing, plumbing, painting and fixing. As residents, we’re the ones available to take care of this new home. To do that, we’re going to need tools.

            The Refugee Crisis: a Historic Opportunity

            08.29.17 | Heartbeat

            “The world is converging right here in our city.” You may have heard Pastor Pablo Cachon say this in a recent message. This truth is on display in Minneapolis as well as in Beirut, Lebanon. Get involved in one of NHC’s responses to the challenge