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    There is Great Power in Story

    05.03.16 | Story | by Matthew St. John

    Stories are incredible tools giving shape to our lives. We need to craft them, enter into them and tell them well. We need to let God (re)shape our lives with narratives that stretch out to us from heaven.

      Sharing Your Story

      05.02.16 | Story | by Dayton Dodge

      As Christ-followers, we are heirs to the best story, the one God has written in Scripture and is continuing to write on the pages of our lives. Telling our stories allows us to embody the story of Scripture in a way that is compelling...

        From Brokenness to Forgiveness

        05.01.16 | Life Groups, Story

        Patrick Sonaram had never been in a church. When a co-worker invited him to New Hope Church, he was reluctant, but her persistence won him over. He describes how his brokenness and even rebellion had left wounds which kept him from a life of faith.

          Letters from Judy

          05.01.16 | Care, Story

          When’s the last time you received a heart-felt letter? It seems more and more a lost art. Maybe that’s why Judy Bauley’s letters to the seniors in our church community have found their way into many hearts. Ginny McMillan points out that Judy’s...

            The Life Group Experience

            05.01.16 | Life Groups, Story | by Pablo Cachon

            "Being part of a Life Group has been a tremendous blessing. We've had the opportunity to spend wonderful times of growing deeper in relationship, worship, study of God’s Word, prayer, and service together as a group. We love it!" –Don...