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    Sexual Bondage

    07.31.20 | Care, Strongholds | by Kyle Davison Bair

    At one level, sexual sin is like every other sin since it creates a barrier between you and God. Yet this particular sin can hold you in bondage like few others. It releases feel-good chemicals swiftly, making it powerfully addictive. In many...


      07.30.20 | Care, Strongholds | by Kyle Davison Bair

      Your life is not about you. As soon as you realize this, your real life can begin. Jesus promised a greater life than we could ever imagine on our own. “I came that [you] may have life and have it abundantly” (John 10:10 ESV). “No eye has seen...


        07.29.20 | Care, Strongholds | by Kyle Davison Bair

        Shame dies at the cross. Others may heap shame on us (or we heap it on ourselves) in response to our failures, whether real or perceived. But Jesus set us free from shame. To kill it, we must go straight to His cross.


          07.28.20 | Care, Strongholds | by Kyle Davison Bair

          To neutralize fear, you need a greater fear. Children fear monsters under the bed until their mommy or daddy sits down next to them. The child “fears” their parent more than the monsters. They know mommy or daddy is stronger. The greater fear...

            Listening for the Whisper

            05.21.20 | Story | by Chris Jones

            Are you a good listener? (I wonder if anyone ever replies “no” to this question.) The Bible talks about “having ears to hear.” While that phrase may sound strange, it holds deep truth. The fact is, our ears do not always hear what they should.   

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