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    07.29.20 | Care | by Kyle Davison Bair

    Shame dies at the cross. Others may heap shame on us (or we heap it on ourselves) in response to our failures, whether real or perceived. But Jesus set us free from shame. To kill it, we must go straight to His cross.


      07.28.20 | Care | by Kyle Davison Bair

      To neutralize fear, you need a greater fear. Children fear monsters under the bed until their mommy or daddy sits down next to them. The child “fears” their parent more than the monsters. They know mommy or daddy is stronger. The greater fear...

        Listening for the Whisper

        05.21.20 | Story | by Chris Jones

        Are you a good listener? (I wonder if anyone ever replies “no” to this question.) The Bible talks about “having ears to hear.” While that phrase may sound strange, it holds deep truth. The fact is, our ears do not always hear what they should.   

          Explore Your Creative Side

          04.22.20 | Creative Arts | by Lisa Bodkin

          Typically I’d be planning the next Art Series at this time, but the COVID pandemic has halted those workshops among many other things in life. However, restrictions don’t have to halt your creativity. In our home, it’s been all about bread...

            Technical Tips for Livestreaming

            04.08.20 | Update | by Tim Bodkin

            You may be worshipping through livestream broadcasts into your living room, but you're among literally thousands of others watching at the same time. That's incredible when you think about how God may be using technology to spread His truth...

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