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    Open Your Gifts

    11.19.18 | Heartbeat, Prayer | by Kyle Davison Bair

    God is delighted for you to enjoy His gifts, but you may have forgotten about them. Like packages waiting under a Christmas tree, God’s gifts are free to open and enjoy. Unlike Christmas packages, God’s gifts are not always recognized. In...

      Come and See

      11.08.18 | Heartbeat | by Matthew St. John

      One of the histories of Jesus’ life tells of two men who were made aware that He could be the Messiah. Intrigued, they began to follow. Noticing this, Jesus asked what they were looking for. They asked, “Where are you staying?” Jesus responded...

        We Need One Another

        08.27.18 | Heartbeat, Women | by Andrea Tyson

        I began serving as Women’s Ministries Director in my early 20s. Single. No children. Introverted thinker. I wasn’t sure I belonged. I’m now more than a decade older. While my relational status and wiring are the same, I’m confident I fit. The key...

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